Ridley Scott and Steve Zaillian Re-Teaming for The Day Britain Stopped

Ridley Scott on the set of Kingdom of Heaven (2005) Movie Image

England’s Ridley Scott and Fresno, California’s Steve Zaillian are re-teaming for “The Day Britain Stopped”, a, we assume, big-budget disaster movie that will be inspired by the 2003 BBC “pseudo-documentary” of the same name.

That 2003 BBC film was written and directed by Gabriel Range, and took place in the near future, where a rail strike, traffic congestion and a mid-air plane collision causes the UK’s transport system to come to a halt.

In the Scott and Zaillian version, a “manmade disaster” causes a global catastophe.

The last time I heard the phrase “manmade disaster”, it was the Obama Administration’s new PC term for terrorism. Is that what Scott and Zaillian are going for? An act of terrorism spins the country out of control and threatens the rest of the world as a result? The boys will be producing, and a writer is currently being sought to adapt their ideas.

Scott and Zaillian last worked together on “American Gangster”, which Scott directed and Zaillian wrote. Scott is coming off the hit “Prometheus”, while Zaillian recently wrote “Moneyball” and the “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” remakes.

Someone’s put the whole 2003 film on YouTube. Watch it below:

Via : THR