Ridley Scott to Direct a Monopoly Movie???

This has got to be the goofiest movie news I’ve heard all day. I actually heard about this yesterday, but I didn’t post it because it just sounded so goofy I thought it had to be someone’s idea of a joke. But wait, it wasn’t April 1st! So a day later, I’m now posting it: Some brilliant genius over at the William Morris Agency is courting Ridley “Gladiator” Scott to direct a live-action, big-screen version of the board game “Monopoly”. I shit you not.

Here’s Rotten Tomatoes, who sounds just as incredulous:

According to News.com.au (who source their story from The London Times), Ridley Scott has indeed been approached to direct the comedic thriller known as “Monopoly.” Hasbro’s agency (William Morris) promises to overload the movie with high-profile movie stars. Apparently they’ve already offered roles to Scarlett Johansson and Kirsten Dunst.

Here’s my favorite part: “Hasbro, which claims that Monopoly has been played by 750 million people since the 1930s, wants the film to feature “sexy young people” in an attempt to attract teenagers to board games.” Right, because the movie will be SO GOOD that it’ll inspire people to run home and play Monopoly. Ha.

Well, if you think about it, I guess it doesn’t sound any more ludicrous than the, you know, SIMS movie news, right?