Ring Creator Koji Suzuki Wants to Bring Sadako into the Third Dimension

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: A popular horror franchise looking to reinvent itself decides to incorporate 3D technology into the next installment in order to keep its wavering fanbase from jumping ship altogether. Apparently that’s the case over in Japan, as “Ring” mastermind Koji Suzuki wants to bring that long-haired scamp Sadako back onto the big screen, this time in the third dimension. Kadokawa Pictures is putting the project together at this very moment, though specific details are incredibly sketchy at the moment. Perhaps the most puzzling aspect of the entire announcement is that the filmmakers intend to bring back the infamous “television sequence” from the first film, this time in 3D. Can anyone say pointless rehash? I know you can.

Despite my undying adoration for the well-worn “Ring” franchise — and that includes the American and South Korean remakes — I can’t muster any excitement for this production at the moment. Perhaps that will change in the future, though I wouldn’t count on it. In fact, the only way I would get behind another entry in this series is if they somehow incorporate chimps into the mix. Oh, wait.

Via Film Smash