Riseborough and Kurylenko Join Cruise’s Horizons/Oblivion

Andrea RiseboroughOr whatever they end up calling the movie, which, apparently is no longer called “Horizons”. (Personally I thought the original title, “Oblivion” was pretty cool, but then again, I’m partial to doom-sounding movie titles.)

In any case, you can count former Bond girl Olga Kurylenko (below) and British actress Andrea Riseborough (left) as the latest lovely lasses to fall hopelessly in love with Tom Cruise. (Hey, who wouldn’t, am I right, ladies?) The two actresses have officially joined the cast of Cruise’s now-untitled sci-fi movie, which would find Cruise playing “an Earth-bound repairman whose job it is to work on drones that fight alien life forms meets a woman who forces him to question his world view.”

In the film, Kurylenko would play Cruise’s current lover, “who tethers him to the world above the clouds while he’s doing repairwork”, while Riseborough will play that new woman who “forces him to question his world view”.

Jessica Chastain was originally supposed to play one of the two roles, but has apparently chosen Kathryn Bigelow’s “Kill Bin Laden” movie instead. I guess even Jessica Chastain realizes she doesn’t have to star in every single Hollywood movie. Hey, a girl’s gotta sleep sometime, I guess.

“Tron: Legacy’s” Joseph Kosinski came up with the idea and will direct from a script by Michael Arndt, William Monahan and Karl Gadjusek.

Olga Kurylenko

Via : THR