RKO is Reviving The Saint as a Movie Trilogy

Val Kilmer in The Saint (1997) Movie ImageRemember 1997’s “The Saint” starring Val Kilmer? No? Well, don’t fret, you’re probably not the only one. Not a whole lot of people remember that movie, mostly because, well, it wasn’t all that memorable, was it? Honestly, I can’t even recall what it was about, though I seem to remember Kilmer wore some goofy “disguises” in the film, and Elisabeth Shue was horribly miscast as some kind of super scientist brain.

In any case, if you’re one of the handful of people who thought the Kilmer version of “The Saint” should have been better, and is hoping someone will finally get it right (or at least give it another go), here’s good news for you: RKO Pictures is developing a new version of the character, and has signed up screenwriter Travis Wright (“Eagle Eye”) to write them a script. The idea is to re-launch the character as a movie franchise, starting with (of course) a trilogy.

(I swear, Hollywood producers go to sleep dreaming of movie trilogies and waking up declaring they’re going to do a trilogy. Then the next day they go to sleep dreaming of a new trilogy, and wake up declaring they’re going to turn THAT into a trilogy.)

But back to Simon Templar…

The Saint, a sort of modern-day Robin Hood, was created by Leslie Charteris and first appeared in the 1928 book “Enter the Tiger.” Known as the Saint because of his initials, Templar’s targets included lowlifes and corrupt politicians; he often left a calling card at his “crimes,” a stick figure of a man with a halo — which served as the logo of the Charteris books, movies, and the 1960s TV series starring Roger Moore.

And did I mention that they tried to make a movie franchise out of him with Val Kilmer back in the ’90s? Cause, you know, they did. Back in 1997.

Here’s proof:

Via : Variety