Road to Hell aka Streets of Fire 2

So there’s this story on AICN about a new movie starring Michael Pare called “Road to Hell” that they believe (or at least one of their readers believe) is some kind of unofficial sequel to Walter Hill’s anachronistic ’80s “rock and roll fable” “Streets of Fire”. If you’ve read my review of “Streets of Fire”, you know that I’m kind of a sucker for it; plus, it features just the best role Diane Lane has ever done — not acting wise, she got better, but oh my God did she look gorgeous in the role. Anyways, AICN believes “Road to Hell”, with all the character names (Pare’s character is named Cody — just like in “Streets of Fire!”) is some kind of hidden, unofficial sequel to “Fire”. Well is it or isn’t it?

Here’s AICN‘s reasoning:

Well, here’s where it gets weird. The soldier’s name is “Cody”, and he’s being played by Michael Paré. You also have Deborah Van Valkenburgh cast as “Sister” – which is intriguing since she had a brief supporting turn as Tom Cody’s sis in STREETS OF FIRE. There’s even a female character known as “McCoy”, which was the handle of Amy Madigan’s tough-as-nails sidekick in Hill’s flick. And, yes, there’s even a brunette chick named Ellen (though she doesn’t appear to be the “first and only love” from Cody’s youth).

Well, that was interesting stuff. I’ve actually SEEN a cover for “Road to Hell”, but it looked more like a “Sin City” rip-off than anything “Streets of Fire-ish”. But then I saw the movie’s official site, and saw these behind-the-scenes pictures:

Michael Pare stars as “Cody” (trenchcoat!):

Road to Hell

And then there are these — actress Anita Leeman who plays a character named “Ellen” (red dress!):

Road to Hell

Road to Hell

And oh yeah, just in case you still don’t believe me that this is some kind of unofficial sequel to “Streets of Fire”, there’s this statement from the film’s writer:

STREETS OF FIRE (1984), starring Michael Pare and Diane Lane, is one of Director, Albert Pyun’s favorite movies. He’s watched it countless times. Albert and I have had a running argument about the ending. Albert thinks it’s the most romantic film ending ever. I thought the ending was tragic and wanted them to get together. Albert and I crossed paths with Michael at a film festival in Estepona, Spain (2007), where Pare` received Career Achievement and Best Actor awards. Michael and Albert had long wanted to work together and this chance meeting suggested the time had finally come. When I started writing, I set out to convey what might happen to a soldier, over time, after turning his back on True Love. That choice, for a professional killer, might have set him on… a road to hell.

It ain’t “Streets of Fire” by name, but it is pretty much “Streets of Fire” by everything else. I wonder if Walter Hill is going to sue…?


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