Roasted Fetus on a Stick? The Snow White Trailer Isn’t Afraid to Offend You.

Wow. It’s not everyday that I encounter a trailer for a horror movie that genuinely turns my stomach. The clip for the upcoming Thai genre outing “The Snow White” — which arrives courtesy of the boys and girl at 24 Frames per Second — is truly revolting, to say the very least. In addition to the fetus on a stick, you’ve got a fetus on a grill, fetus in soup, and what appears to be a fetus in a roll. As such, the preview you’re about to watch is definitely not safe for work, as it features quite a bit of sex, nudity, and gore. Then again, when has this ever stopped you from partaking in such debauchery on the clock?

To help make sense of this insanity, peruse this plot synopsis:

Two students stealthily dissect the dead body of a pregnant woman just to get the dead infant in her belly, to perform a dark magic charm. But the magic doesn’t work, and soon they realise a terrible price is to be paid for their horrific act, as they’re hunted by the vengefull ghost of the dead woman. While the ghost is threatening their lives, a kind-hearted nurse tries to stop the ghost to save them.

Think you’re ready? Test your mettle by investigating the trailer below.