Rob Benedict’s The Sidekick Heads to Comic Con, Hopes for a Sidekick-y Future

Rob Benedict in The Sidekick (2013) Movie Image

“Supernatural’s” Rob Benedict stars and co-wrote “The Sidekick”, about a 40-year old superhero, well, sidekick who gets fired from his position for, one assumes, incompetence (and just generally being too old and slow, I guess) and now has to find a real job in the real world. Or something to that effect. Luckily for him, Lizzy Caplan is there to lend a helping hand.

It’s nothing you haven’t seen before, of course, but it looks somewhat funny. Check out the trailer for the film below and judge for yourself.

The Sidekick centers on a 40-year-old career sidekick, Max McCabe (Benedict), now past his prime in the fast-paced world of superhero-dom. When he is unceremoniously fired by his boss, Captain Wonder (Livingston), Max has no choice but to somehow find a place for himself in the regular world.

“The Sidekick” will be making its premiere over at Comic Con this year, with Benedict, director Michael J. Weithorn, and some of the castmembers (including Josh Meyers, Jordan Peele, Martin Starr, Richard Speight Jr., but no Lizzy Caplan or Ron Livingston) showing for a panel.

Post-Comic Con premiere, Benedict and company hope to keep “The Sidekick” going by possibly spinning the movie off into a TV series, either online or on cable. And from there, who knows? Hey, it worked for “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog”.

The Sidekick (2013) Movie Poster

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