Rob Cohen Talks Mummy 4 (SPOILERS)

Yup, that’s right, Rob Cohen is already talking about possibly doing a “Mummy 4” movie. Maybe he was embolden by “The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor” just barely missing out on the top spot at the box office over the weekend, just losing by THAT MUCH to “The Dark Knight”. According to Cohen, there are two directions a fourth Mummy film could go, and me explaining both of them to you involves revealing the ending of “Dragon Emperor”, so if you haven’t seen that movie yet, I would suggest moving on to the next story. Hey, what’s that post below this one — Kevin Costner in “The Bodyguard 2”?

Anyways, for those who are still here, Rob Cohen is considering two possible ideas — one involves following Rick O’Connell (Brendan Fraser), who is apparently now immortal since drinking from the Fountain of Youth in the third movie, and the other would take the crew to Peru (or somewhere in Latin America) to face some Aztec mummies.

Says Cohen to MTV:

“Rick, because he was treated by the pool of eternal life, Rick is now immortal. I’d love to explore how that plays out for him,” Cohen said. “Another spoiler, Jonathan [John Hannah] winds up with the artifact in this film and he doesn’t realize, nor do we, what its powers are. In my mind, that artifact still has a lot of prizes in it, the eye of Shangri La, this big diamond.

“What I’m really happy about is that, by taking ‘The Mummy’ out of Egypt and putting it in China, by exploring a different approach to the quest for immortality, we now have it clear that the ‘Mummy’ franchise can travel,” he said. “Now we know that if we want to go to Mexico or we want to go to Peru, we can because there’s a cultural truth there of the mummies and these beautiful cultures.

“They have a lot of mummies. The Aztec culture had a lot of mummies and some of their mummy designs for the Foundation Army were taken from Mexican mummies that they have found,” he added. “So I think that somehow that might make the basis of a good story.”

Rob is getting a little ahead of himself. While the third Mummy movie did pretty well in its opening weekend, the second week is where you’ll find out if the Mummy franchise still has legs. Or bandages, as it were, for a fourth movie. The price tag on these films, after all, aren’t exactly cheap, and the third one still has a ways to go to turn a profit…

The Mummy 4