Rob Liefeld Says Youngblood Movie is Finally Happening! (Probably)

Rob LiefeldOh, Image Comics. Remember those good old days? Back when all those Marvel artists jumped ship in a mass exodus and founded their own comic book company? It was all fun and games back then, and comic books were innocent. (Leftside pic: Look how happy Rob was back then!) My, how times have changed. Now it seems like every comic book I hear about isn’t created for the purpose of being a comic book, but as some Hollywood bait to turn into a movie.

One of the founding titles of Image Comics was Rob Liefeld’s “Youngblood”, essentially his re-design of the X-Men/X-Factor titles that he had been working on before he left Marvel. A movie version of the superteam has been in the works for what seems like forever, but today, according to the always outspoken and chatty Mr. Liefeld, things are looking up.

The artist/writer, who recently found himself back in Marvel-land (go figure), recently tweeted this:

Just got off of a fantastic call per the YOUNGBLOOD movie. After 3 years of dealmaking we are moving forward! #finally!!

Last we heard on the “Youngblood” front, Brett Ratner was attached to direct. But that was way back in 2009, and who knows if the Rat is still on the hunt.

Youngblood Comic Book

Via : CBM