Rob Liefeld Wrote a Script in 3 Days About the Founding of Image Comics

Icons by Rob Liefeld

I like Rob Liefeld. Really, I do. I might make fun of the dude every now and then, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like him. Here’s this kid who had a flare for art. Okay, so maybe he has really, really hard times drawing anything resembling “real” people, especially women, and his idea of “details” is sketching a bunch of random, intersecting lines (or maybe he’ll just completely pretend like the background didn’t exist and leave a big ol white blank).

But still, he did and is still doing what most of us wanted to do back when we were kids — draw comics for a living. And not just a living, but a damn good living.

Twenty years after the founding of Image Comics (if you don’t know what Image Comics is, honestly, you shouldn’t be reading this anyway), Rob Liefeld has a couple of would-be movies based on his comics circulating around Hollywood. Who knows if they’ll ever get made, though. Comic books big and small, known and unknown, get snatched up for the fabled “Hollywood treatment” every day, and 99.9% of them never see a set.

But Rob is already thinking bigger than that — he’s written a script called “Icons” about the founding of Image Comics, and did it in 3 days, too. That’s, uh, pretty fast. Guys who make their living writing scripts sometimes takes years on one. But Rob did it in 3 days. So, you know, take that into consideration when you’re reading sample pages of said script below. If he were to ever get this thing made, I would recommend a few more drafts. Or a dozen.

Rob LiefeldOver at DreamMovieCast, Rob also gave us his dream cast for an “Icons” movie. He thinks Chris Pine would make a great young Rob Liefeld. Well of course he would, Rob.

By the way, I once met Jim Lee in person, but he was sitting down at the time and signing comics, and I had no idea he was only 5 feet tall. At least, according to Liefeld’s script, Lee is only 5 feet tall. Then again, in the script, Todd McFarlane also calls everyone and their momma “pal” and “bud” and is kinda a dick. (Also, did Todd McFarlane really think working for Marvel was like working at a slave plantation?)

Here are six pages from Liefeld’s “Icons”, featuring the pivotal moment when Lee, Liefeld, and McFarlane left Marvel (read the rest over at DreamMovieCast):

Icons Script Excerpt by Rob LiefeldIcons Script Excerpt by Rob LiefeldIcons Script Excerpt by Rob LiefeldIcons Script Excerpt by Rob LiefeldIcons Script Excerpt by Rob LiefeldIcons Script Excerpt by Rob Liefeld

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