Rob Liefeld’s The Godyssey to Become a Movie

The Godyssey Comic BookAnyone who grew up in the ’80s and ’90s reading comic books know the name Rob Liefeld. The comic book artist was one of the original founders of Image Comics, where a lot of Marvel artists decided to hitch their wagons after getting tired of slaving for Marvel.

One of Liefeld’s ’90s creation was “The Godyssey”, which, I have to admit, I don’t remember at all. Then again, I stopped reading comics on a regular basis around the mid-’90s, so it’s highly possible I had stopped buying anything with Liefeld’s goofy artwork on the cover by then.

In any case, Liefeld is trying to get a movie version of “The Godyssey” up and running, and producers Todd Garner and Brooklyn Weaver have bit.

The duo will produce a feature film version of the comics, which “centers on the gods of the grand pantheon, including Zeus, Buddha, Ra and Pangu, who must come together to fight a legion of fallen gods in an epic battle over mankind.”

It doesn’t sound too bad. Of course, this being a Liefeld comic, there are of course scantily clad women standing in ridiculous (re: impossible) poses while brandishing sharp weapons. See one of the standard covers for the comic book above.

But what are the chances that “The Godyssey” will actually get turned into a movie? I have no idea. I guess it’s got as good a chance as Liefeld’s other titles, like “Youngblood” and “Bloodstrike”, both of which are also churning around Hollywood. In the case of “Youngblood”, it’s been churning for years now…

In any case, whenever a Rob Liefeld story pops up, I always picture the guy this way (it just fits so perfectly with his artwork):

Rob Liefeld

Via : Variety