Rob Reiner Re-Enters Thriller Territory with Cape Fear-Esque You Belong to Me

Cape Fear (1991) Mvoie DVD CoverThe last time “When Harry Met Sally” and “The Princess Bride’s” Rob Reiner directed a movie that probably had you on the edge of your seats was “Misery”, the adaptation of the Stephen King novel from 1990. So yeah, it’s been a while. But after a long string of family pictures and dramas (2010’s coming-of-age drama “Flipped” being his most recent), Reiner is returning to the world of thrillers with “You Belong to Me”.

So why head back into darker territory after spending so much time in the light, Rob? Glad you asked:

[Thrillers] are hard to make well, but this one has a deep psychological bent to it and a big twist in the end that I didn’t see coming. That’s why I decided to take a whack at this one.

“Big twist”? It’s not all in his head, is it? The shrink turns out to be the patient? Something like that? Hope I didn’t just give the film away.

Anyhoo. Reiner will be directing from a script by David Murray, and “You Belong to Me” is said to be in the vein of “Cape Fear”, the psychological thriller starring Robert De Niro and Nick Nolte from 1991. The story of “Belong” will center on “a psychiatrist who does the one thing you are never supposed to do with your patients: talk about yourself.”

My guess is, bad things happen as a result, hence the thriller aspects.

Reiner plans to start shooting on location in New York by the Fall, and is currently casting the film’s four main leads.

Rob Reiner on the set of Rumor has It (2005) Movie Image

Via : THR