Rob Zombie Says No to Halloween Sequels

Musician turned movie director Rob Zombie must be the last principled person left in all of Hollywood. How else to explain Zombie’s insistence that, despite the gangbuster opening weekend of his “Halloween” remake over the Labor Day weekend (it pulled in $30 million to set a new benchmark for the period), Zombie is adamant that he won’t do any “Halloween” sequels and he isn’t even sure if his latest two-picture deal with Dimension Films will be horror movies. Color me twice shocked.

Zombie told Entertainment Weekly this:

Though Dimension may try to terrorize Zombie into more of the Michael Myers franchise, the director has higher aspirations. ”I’m not going to do any more Halloween movies, or any more remakes of any kind. I signed up for two more pictures, but not two more Halloween pictures,” he says. ”They’re going to be original stuff “” and I don’t necessarily know that they’re going to be related to the horror genre either.”

And about potentially alienating his fanbase?

”You just have to stick to your guns. I think when people try to chase trends or second-guess what audiences want, it gets them in trouble. You just got to do your thing.”

I still don’t see how a guy named Rob Zombie can go on to direct something OTHER than horror movies. It just doesn’t seem…right.