Rob Zombie to Remake a Nastier, Dirtier, More Sheri Moon-filled Version of The Blob

With the sequel to his 2007 “Halloween” reboot ready to slash its way into theaters tomorrow, Rob Zombie isn’t wasting any time picking out his next project. According to Variety, that will be a remake of the Steve McQueen horror classic “The Blob”, which was originally released in 1958 and was already remade once in 1988 by Chuck Russell and starring Kevin Dillion as a motorcycle riding punk with a heart of gold, or some such.

Here’s a little fun fact, BH readers: the first remake of “The Blob” was one of the very first movies I saw in theaters. I had to sneak in, of course, but it holds a special place in my heart. A dirty, oozing, red-tinted place, to be sure.

As expected, Zombie’s version of the film will be drastically different from the original, whichy featured a space object falling to Earth and then going on a human-eating frenzy, and continuously growing into a giant, blobbing, well, blob. Zombie says his version will be darker, scarier, and won’t feature the familiar giant red blob as we know it. He won’t say what he has planned, but Zombie makes it clear he’s going to put his stamp on it, as he has done with the “Halloween” reboot.

One thing is for certain, though: He’ll cast his wife Sheri Moon (below) in some type of role, possibly as the blob’s stripper girlfriend. Hey, he’s Rob Zombie, he can make it happen.

Sheri Moon Zombie in The Lords of Salem (2012) Movie Image