Robert Downey Jr. and New Iron Men Suits Show Up on the Iron Man 3 Set (SPOILERS)

In case you haven’t heard, Shane Black’s “Iron Man 3” suffered a slight setback recently when star Robert Downey Jr. took an injury to the leg. Nothing too seriously or life-threatening, apparently, since he’s now all rested and healed and back on the job. And also back on the movie’s Florida set, where we get a great look at Iron Man’s new suit, the Mark XLVII, fighting alongside new ally Iron Patriot.

As always with set images…


You’ve already seen the Iron Patriot before, of course, but this is a really good look at it alongside the Ironster himself. Check them out below, check them outers.

“Iron Man 3” finds Tony Stark aka Iron Man battling terrorists and a scientist who has invented a new, dangerous nanotechnology capable of creating supersoldiers. It will co-star Ben Kingsley, Don Cheadle, Guy Pearce, Gwyneth Paltrow, Rebecca Hall, and James Badge Dale.

Look for it in theaters next Summer.

The Mark XLVII Iron Man Armor on the set of Iron Man 3 (2013) Movie Image

The Mark XLVII Iron Man Armor and Iron Patriot on the set of Iron Man 3 (2013) Movie Image

Via : Daily Mail