Robert Downey Jr. Says Bye-Bye to Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity, Too

Sheesh, poor Alfonso Cuaron. If he wasn’t a rich Hollywood movie director with five houses and two mistresses, I would feel sorry for the guy. He’s been trying to get his space survival drama “Gravity” made for a while now, but the guy keeps losing A-list stars. First Angelina Jolie refused to be in the flick, then Natalie Portman wouldn’t commit, and now he’s trying to get Sandra Bullock. The one constant? Robert Downey Jr. would play the male lead.

Um, not so much anymore.

Heat Vision says Iron Man has left the project, and will instead star in “How to Talk to Girls”, based on that book written by that 9-year old kid about talking to girls. Sheesh. What were you doing when you were 9? Loser.

The plus side of losing RDJ? His character only appears in the first act of the movie, which is primarily about the female lead, a space astronaut trapped in space after debris destroys her space station and her crew along with it. Basically, “Castaway” in outer space.

The down side of losing RDJ? You can’t promote the film as “starring Robert Downey Jr.”, who is pretty money at the box office nowadays.