Robert Downey Jr. to Vamp it up in The Vampire Chronicles?

Remember the good old days when vampires lived in pine boxes (sometimes filled with dirt) and only came out at nights to eat you? Well that was then, old timer; nowadays it’s all about young, hunky vamps seducing the ladies, who are more than willing to accommodate. Anne Rice offered up these same kind of vampires years ago in her Lestat vampire novels, and with the hunky vampire craze showing no signs of ending anytime soon (unfortunately), it makes perfect sense for a major movie studio to resurrect Rice’s bloodsuckers for another go-round in the theaters.

And hey, if you need someone to front your vampire franchise, who better than Iron Man himself? Yup, that’s right, according to the guys over at Bloody-Disgusting, who are really breaking the horror scoops lately, no other than Robert Downey Jr. is currently in talks to take over the Lestat character in a new Vampire Chronicles franchise for Universal Pictures.

The fictional Lestat has taken a bite out of the big screen twice in the past. First in 1994 in “Interview with the Vampire”, where he was played by Tom Cruise. The film also co-starred Brad Pitt, Christian Slater and Kirsten Dunst. More recently, Lestat resurfaced again in 2002’s “Queen of the Damned”, where he was played by Stuart Townsen as a rock-loving vamp. The second one was, er, less successful than the first. We haven’t heard from Lestat since, but perhaps that’s about to change very soon.

If RDJ does sign on, this would essentially be the third franchise that he’ll be fronting, after “Iron Man” and “Sherlock Holmes”.