Robert Englund Not in Nightmare on Elm Street Reboot?

You may have already heard about it: Michael Bay and company are taking the “Nightmare on Elm Street” franchise back to the beginning and doing a “Batman Begins” on it. So where does that leave Robert Englund, the original Freddy Krueger? The dude with the hands for knives and ugly sweater? Nowhere, apparently, according to current reports.


A number of industry sources recently phoned in to shed some light on the early discussions going on behind-the-scenes regarding “Nightmare”…and none of them include Englund starring as Krueger.

Disheartening news for the fans, maybe, but rumor has it Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes is taking “Nightmare” back to square one…as in fresh start, hitting the reset button, making it their own (think “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” ’03 and Friday the 13th ’09). Because of this decision, they’d like to find another actor to carry the new Krueger into future films.

Two thoughts. Yes, it makes perfect sense to start with a whole new cast if they’re going the “Batman Begins” route. Then again, it’s not like Englund, with that f-up face his character is required to wear throughout the film, couldn’t pull the role off again…

Robert Englund Not in Nightmare on Elm Street Reboot?