Robert Kirkman Promises a Trip to Hershel’s Farm in The Walking Dead Season 2

Season 1 of “The Walking Dead” was killer, but what can we expect from Season 2? According to the creator of the comic book that the show is based on, and one of its producers, Robert Kirkman, a trip to old man Hershel’s farm is in the offering. (Good news for Glenn, this.) Plus, more Rick-Shane inter-personal conflict, since it was made pretty clear in the Season 1 finale that ol Shane has more than a passing infatuation with Rick’s wife, Lori.

Speaking to EW, Kirkman says:

I know [showrunner Frank Darabont] has said we’re going to see Hershel’s farm. We’re looking to take some picturesque rural landscapes and playing with that and coming up with some cool zombie visuals. We’ll see some of the locations of the first season, but we’re going to mainly focus on breaking new ground. Oh, and we’re going to feature a lava planet.

Kirkman wouldn’t say too much else, but did promise that we’d see more of Andrea, played by Laurie Holden. In the aftermath of her sister’s death, will Andrea hold it together? Will she hook up with old dude Dale like she did in the comics? Will actually seeing beautiful Laurie Holden making out with old dude Jeffrey DeMunn onscreen feel kinda, you know, slightly icky?

I wouldn’t be surprise if they decided not to go the above route in terms of the Andrea-Dale relationship. As faithful as it’s been to the comics, Season 1 of “The Walking Dead” has also diverged pretty radically from the original storyline, so there’s really no point in keeping some of the relationships. Plus, with plenty of new, more fearsome characters waiting in the wings, the show could probably use a little, shall we say, efficient chopping down of the cast.