Robert Kirkman Takes You on a Tour of The Walking Dead Season 4’s Set

Robert Kirkman

It won’t surprise you to learn that Rick and company are still stuck in the prison when AMC’s “The Walking Dead” Season 4 picks back up later this year. From the looks of the recent Comic Con trailer, they’ll be there for quite some time, which makes sense, because why would they leave such a safe place? Well, safe-ish, anyway.

Check out a new video from the set of the show’s fourth season, featuring comic book creator Robert Kirkman taking you on a tour of the show’s prison set. I like the fact that Kirkman calls “The Walking Dead” comic books, you know, comic books. And here I thought comic books didn’t exist anymore, it’s all “graphic novels” and such. Ooooh, fancy!

Anyways, check out the video. It’s amusing, but then again, I get the feeling ol Robert Kirkman is a pretty amusing fellow. Which is ironic, given that his comic books are so damn bleak. They are about the dead coming back to life (or life-ish, anyway) and eating the living, after all.

“The Walking Dead” Season 4 returns this October, but then you probably already know that.