Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller Officially Start Production on Sin City 2


Sin City A Dame to Kill For Comic Book CoverNo, you didn’t read that wrong. After an obscenely long wait since the first movie, “Sin City 2″, which would adapt “A Dame to Kill For” as expected, is now officially (honest to God) beginning production. AR Films and Rodriguez’s Quick Draw Productions will produce, with financing coming through AR Films U.S, and Dimension Films handling domestic distribution.

Says Rodriguez about the long-delayed sequel (remember, “Sin City” came out in 2005):

The first question I am always asked is “When will you make another Sin City?” I have wanted to re-team with Frank Miller and return to the world he created since the day we wrapped the original, but have felt a duty to the fans to wait until we had something truly exceptional that would meet and exceed what have become epic expectations. A Dame To Kill For will certainly be worth the wait.

Miller, who co-directed parts of “Sin City” along with Rodriguez before heading off to do the doomed “The Spirit”, chimes in:

The first Sin City knocked out audiences who had never seen anything like it before. Robert Rodriguez and I are going to shake things up and deliver a ferocious film experience that is going to go even further than the first.

Casting for the sequel will be underway next week.

Of course, a lot of the original cast are expected to return, most notably Clive Owen as Dwight, the hero of “A Dame to Kill For”. The story arc finds Dwight reuniting with his old love Ava. A whole heap of trouble, along with blood, violence, and hardboiled badassery, ensue.

Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller on the set of Sin City (2005) Movie Image

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  • LionHeart

    I’m in shock.

    Also, screw everyone else on the planet, The Spirit was utterly awesome.

    • Dedpool

      Don’t know about amazing, but it didn’t deserve all the hate it got. The problem was the markeitng. The Spirit is nothing like “Sin City” and though visually Miller went a similar route, he had the right tone for the film. The Spirit comics are campy, noir fun. No more, no less. And the film just took that to a higher level. Yes some of the jokes were just juvenile and silly (Kitchen sink in the swamp, obesession with eggs) but go read a Spirit comic and see how serious it is. Like the “Speed racer” film it was alove letter to the original source material, not an updated modernized, realistic take which is what people wanted of both films.

      • Lexavi80

        I agree. I enjoyed The Spirit, but I have to admit… I had to educate myself in what I was going to watch.

        I thought the film was like Sin City, but it was completely different. The markeing for that movie was dead wrong from the beginind, and that’s why it failed.

        Just keep in mind that your going to watxh a crazy comedy, Sin City stile, before watching it, and you’ll have a blast.

        Regarding SC2… I hope the all the original cast is back. Otherwise it will feel wrong.

        • Dedpool

          Exactly my point. Miller knew what he was doing (though I;m not a big fan of his modern works other than the Sin CIty books and those are old too) but the marketing people sure didn’t.

          As for Sin City you should wiki the source material. This will be a prequel, or at least one of the stories will be to “The Big Fat Kill” storyline.

  • Juggernaut

    Can’t wait! Sin City was amazing.

    • Dedpool

      Agreed! One of the best “True Adaptations” of a comic. Miller is lucky that two of his works got so much care taken with the films.