Robert Rodriguez Claims Sin City 2 Likely to Happen in 2012. I Totally Believe Him, Too.

Robert RodriguezAfter all, it’s not like Robert Rodriguez has ever announced movie projects willy nilly and then never ends up doing them, right? And “Sin City 2”, why, it’s not like this movie has been announced and promised for years with nothing ever coming to fruition. Nope, none of those things have ever happened. At all. Um.

Okay, so during a shindig at SXSW, local Texas boy made good (and Austin fixture) Robert Rodriguez took to the stage to announce a new animated production company, played some tunes for the kids, and eventually got around to promising that “Machete Kills”, the sequel to his semi-hit “Machete” with Danny Trejo, will shoot as early as April, while “Sin City 2” is “likely to begin production over the summer”.

Likely. Likely.

Don’t hold your breath, though, kids. A sequel to the 2005 hit film co-directed by Rodriguez and Frank Miller has been in the works for years now, and nothing has ever come of it yet. You would think the guys behind it would get their shit together to put out a sequel sooner rather than later, but apparently a guaranteed hit wasn’t enough of a motivation. Maybe they’re looking to release more “director’s cut” of the Blu-ray. How many are there now, a couple of dozen versions of the film floating out there on DVD?

If a sequel does go forward, though, it’s expected that Miller’s “A Dame to Kill For” would be the storyline they’re going with. Of course, I’ve learn that when it comes to a “Sin City” sequel, expectations can be unfulfilling.

Jessica Alba in Sin City (2005) Movie Image

Via : THR