Robert Rodriguez Directing Deadpool? Heard, Pike, and Johnson for X-Men First Class?

Amber Heard in The Rum Diary (2011) Movie Image

The boys at The Playlist have a couple of comic book items for ya today: Up first comes this story that Austin-based filmmaker (and “Predators” writer/producer) Robert Rodriguez has been “offered” the directing gig on Ryan Reynolds’s “Deadpool” movie. The studio is Fox, who is apparently very happy with what Rodriguez has done via “Predators”. Also, two ladies are in line for roles in Matthew Vaughn’s “X-Men: First Class” — Amber Heard (above) and Rosamund Pike, who has been mentioned before in association with “First Class”.

Playlist reiterates that while the offer to Rodriguez is indeed solid, it doesn’t mean he’ll accept, as offers get made in Hollywood all the time. Until the signature goes on the dotted line (and even then), it’s nowhere close to being a done deal. So, Rodriguez directing “Deadpool”? I can actually see this. He certainly has the crazy, ADD creativity to make it work. And I actually think Reynolds and Rodriguez would hit it off, being that they’re both kinda the “don’t take it too seriously” type blokes. Given his previous credits (the “Spy Kids” movies notwithstanding), Rodriguez doesn’t mind getting bloody with his movies, which is exactly what is needed in a “Deadpool” film, barring a miserable PG-13 rating.

Onto the “X-Men” news, which has “Die Another Day” actress Rosamund Pike in line for the role of Moira MacTaggert, and not the White Queen as originally reported not all that long ago. In the comics, MacTaggert is a research scientist who specializes in genetic mutation, and is a love interest for the X-Men’s head honcho, Professor X. So yeah, sorry, guys, if this report is correct, no Rosamund Pike in White Queen outfit for you! (Booo!!!!!!!!)

Meanwhile, the in-demand Amber Heard is being courted to play a younger version of Mystique, the role originally played by former supermodel turned actress Rebecca Romijn in the earlier “X-Men” movies. She’s a tad short to be playing a young version of Romijn, but then again, who isn’t? In the comics, Mystique (aka Raven Darkhölme) is a blue-skinned shapeshifter (below) with some serious trust issues.

Also according to the Playlist, “Kick Ass’s” Aaron Johnson is all but “a lock” to play a younger Scott Summers aka Cyclops, and is set to join James McAvoy as the film’s only confirmed castmember so far. No official word on this yet, though, but that’s the belief. And if that’s the case, then no “Spidey” reboot for Johnson?