Robert Rodriguez in Talks to Direct Deadpool After All

The initial report of Robert Rodriguez being somehow involved in a “Deadpool” movie surfaced last month, but the director and the studio denied them. Then last week over at Comic Con, Rodriguez confirmed that he had indeed been given the script by Fox, and was reading it, though he refused to say if he was considering the director’s chair. Now according to the LATimes, Rodriguez is, indeed, in negotiations to direct a “Deadpool” movie starring Ryan Reynolds.

The article says no deals are in place, but that the two sides are definitely “negotiating” for Rodriguez to direct the comic book movie, a sequel (of sorts) to Fox’s “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”, though the character was said to have outgrown that movie, and will in fact move in a completely different direction as if “Wolverine” never happened. Which is not a bad idea, given what they did to poor Deadpool in that one. Imagine, sewing Deadpool’s mouth shut. What’s next, making Superman knock up Lois Lane with a super baby? Ridiculous.

Rodriguez still has yet another entry in the lucrative “Spy Kids” franchise (the fourth one) on his plate, a film he announced over at Comic Con. After that, though, he appears to be free, which means a “Deadpool” movie is definitely a possibility for the Austin-based director. Will he be a good fit for it? Who knows, but he certainly has the kinetic action stuff down.

'Come on, I'm Deadpool. I gotsa talk. That's like my thing!'