Robert Rodriguez Out and Adam Berg in as Deadpool Director?

The latest news on the movie based on the merc with a mouth has Robert Rodriguez, the fanboy choice for director, once again leaving the project and a new candidate emerging to take his place. His name? Adam Berg.

“Adam Berg? Who the hell is Adam Berg?”

Good question. The LATimes has your answer:

Berg has never directed a feature before, but he gained plenty of acclaim with “Carousel,” a stylish short (you can check it out below) made for Philips Electronics that won the prestigious Cannes Lions International Advertising prize. In a one-take freeze-frame, the short tells of a bank heist in a manner that evokes both “The Town” and “The Dark Knight.

Apparently both the producers of “Deadpool” and the man who would play Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds digs Berg’s work on “Carousel”, which was enough to make him the frontrunner to land the gig.

So what do you think, does the guy who directed the short below have what it takes to direct a “Deadpool” movie?