Robert Rodriguez Sets Up From Dusk Till Dawn and a Latino James Bond TV Series

El Rey Network Logo

Former guerrilla filmmaker wunderkind and Austinite Robert Rodriguez is getting into the TV business. The writer/director/producer/caterer of the “El Mariachi”, “Spy Kids”, and “Machete” franchises is setting up a new TV network with Comcast called the El Rey Network, and he’s already slotted two new shows for the fledgling enterprise.

Up first will be a TV series based on Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino’s “From Dusk Till Dawn” series. The original movie centered on two criminal brothers who go on the lam in Texas, only to end up in a bar full of vampires. The film starred Tarantino and George Clooney, and spawned a couple of low-budget direct-to-DVD sequels.

Robert RodriguezNo word on what the TV series will follow, but it should stick pretty closely to the first movie, I would assume. The sequels were, well, they were direct-to-DVD, so that should say something.

Rodriguez will also be producing, writing, and directing the pilot episode of an untitled action show that is being called the “Latino James Bond”, from Hollywood blockbuster writers Alex Kurtzman and Robert Orci.

The untitled show will follow “a super-star soccer player and notorious playboy who doubles as a highly-skilled spy, carrying out covert missions for a special branch of the CIA.”

The show is expected to be a lighter take on Bond, and not uber serious like, say, the last Bond movie.

Apparently El Rey won’t be a cheapo outfit, either. The 13-episode first season of of the James Bond series will cost $40 million, with El Rey expected to add 4 more original series to their slate.

And yes, the shows will be in English, according to Rodriguez himself:

Via : Deadline