Robert Rodriguez Updates Sin City, Predators, Other Films on his Plate

Robert RodriguezThe Robert Rodriguez-written/produced “Predators” was a solid sci-fi action movie that managed to triple its $40 million dollar production budget (it’s made $127 million in worldwide box office so far, not counting the extra $21 million in DVD/Blu-ray sales), so it’s a little surprising that Fox hasn’t made any overtures toward a sequel yet. Then again, this is Fox, and they tend to be slow when it comes to sequels.

Rodriguez says just as much, telling The Playlist in regards to a “Predators” sequel:

I haven’t talked to [Fox] in a while. I know they liked the idea of doing another one. I should probably call and check in. I’ve just been busy doing these other things.

Some of those “other things” include that long-in-development “Sin City” sequel, which recently went through another round of rewrites, including one by “The Departed’s” William Monahan, and now has original comic book writer Frank Miller taking a pass at it.

We have a script for ‘Sin City 2’ and we just needed to round it out a little bit more, brought in Bill to try and solve some things. Like before we had three different stories that we were trying to meld together and he took a pass at it for a couple of weeks and now Frank is doing his pass. We’re pretty close. We might have it soon.

Yeah, they’ve been “close” on a “Sin City 2” for the last 6 years. For a film that made $158 million in worldwide box office (from a $40 million dollar budget), not to mention all the DVD sales from its many DVD incarnations, it’s surprising a “Sin City 2” hasn’t been anyone’s priority. Meanwhile, “Alvin and the Chipmunks” is currently on part 56. Oy.

Meanwhile, Rodriguez confirms he’s still waiting on the script for his “Fire and Ice” adaptation that he made a pretty big splash about acquiring last year, and he’s still working on “Nervewrackers” and that “Heavy Metal” anthology with the likes of David Fincher. Basically, he’s still working. Stay tune.

Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller in Sin City (2005) Movie Image