Robin Shou Joining Street Fighter as Gen?

I’m something of a fan of Robin Shou (pictured, left), despite the fact that he had girly hair throughout both “Mortal Kombat” movies. (Seriously, what was the deal with the hair in those movies, Robin?) Via Moviehole, there is a rumor floating around that Robin Shou has replaced actor Rick Yune in the cast of “Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li”. If this proves to be correct, Shou would be playing the character Gen (pictured, below), who I have never heard of, being that the last time I played Street Fighter, or any game in an arcade, games didn’t cost $2 a pop.


Its the weekend, so there’s nobody with an ‘All Access Pass’ around to verify this in phone distance, but we’ve heard an unconfirmed whisper today that Rick Yune may have left “Street Fighter – The Legend of Chun-Li” and Robin Shou, of “Mortal Kombat” fame, may have replaced him.

As a bit of evidence, Moviehole points to this passage from the “Street Fighter” official blog that we mentioned last week:

Now those with a watchful eye might notice there’s one character I haven’t even discussed. One that’s not mentioned in the cast breakdown but one who’s surely an integral part of the film. And so now, for your first exclusive scoop, allow me to present you faithful readers with some brand spankin’ new casting you’re surely not aware of. The integral role of GEN will be played by none other than……tune in next week to find out!

It’s a good bet Moviehole is probably right. In which case, good for Robin. I saw him in “Dead or Alive”, his most recent American movie, but I can’t recall if he had girly hair or not. I certainly hope not, for all our sakes…

Robin Shou as Gen in Street Fighter