Robocop Reboot is a Reboot, Probably Rated R

MTV’s Movie Blog has been digging around the corpse of Robocop, which will now be revived by MGM with “The Fountain’s” Darren Aronofsky, of all people, behind the camera. Besides making it very clear that their reboot will not be a sequel, but instead an actual reboot in the lines of Christopher Nolan’s “Batman Begins”, producer Mike Medavoy (who also produced the original in ’87), seems to indicate that the reboot will be Rated R, and not PG-13 as originally feared when the idea of a reboot surfaced many moons ago.

More from MTV about whether this is a reboot or a sequel:

And make no mistake, Fischer and his co-producer Mike Medavoy insisted: Their new “Robocop” is a reboot along the lines of “Batman Begins,” despite early online rumors to the contrary.

Asked where in the series the fourth film would fall, whether it would come after the first, second or third films in the series’ internal universe, Fischer and Medavoy were adamant that it would stand on its own, apart from the character’s earlier incarnations.

“None of [the earlier films are] going to be canonical, as a matter of fact,” Fischer revealed. “I wouldn’t say it’s a direct sequel.”

“Definitely not a sequel,” Medavoy added, saying he preferred the term “reimagining.”

And the question of R-Rated versus PG-13 Rated?

“Well I was involved with the original ‘Robocop,’ and it was an R, and the likelihood is that this will be an R,” producer Mike Medavoy told MTV News. “It’s likely to be an R unless the director cuts back on some of it.”

That director being Aronofsky, it’s unlikely he’ll pull any punches. Initial trepidation, in fact, didn’t center around his vision, but on the possibility the film would be in 3D. If it’s in 3D, the argument goes, that alone necessitates skewing younger.

Medavoy is adamant 3D hasn’t even been discussed.

“I don’t think that’s even come up,” he said.

You’ll notice he didn’t come right out and say that it wouldn’t be Rated PG-13. In fact, he seemed to be hedging his bets. Wink wink.

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