Robocop Remake Coming in 2010

If you were one of the few people holding your breath anxiously for a remake of Paul Verhoeven’s “Robocop”, then you’re in luck, Mister No Taste in Movies, because MGM is going to be giving you said remake in 2010 — or at least, that’s according to this first teaser poster for the movie that SuperheroHype recently uncovered at the Licensing International Expo 2008 currently taking place over there in New York.

The 1987 original, directed by Paul Verhoeven (“Starship Troopers”), starred Peter Weller as a Detroit city cop in the near future who is killed by a gang of criminals, but his brain is rescued and inserted into a robotic cop — aka Robocop. Things get complicated when Robocop encounters the same gang that killed him, and memories of his old life returns.

The original was an orgy of over-the-top violence that was also probably one of the smartest action movies ever made in the ’80s, and still is to this day. The film spawned two lackluster sequels and a TV show, and now — a remake.

From SuperheroHype:

Robocop Remake