RoboGeisha Is Ready To Chainsaw Your Face

RoboGeisha1Out of all the movies I’ve been salivating over for the past few months, Noboru Iguchi’s upcoming sci-fi action extravaganza “RoboGeisha” is quickly climbing to the top of the list. As a hardcore fan of “The Meatball Machine,” Tokyo Gore Police,” and “The Machine Girl,” Iguchi’s gore-encrusted cinematic insanity appears to have been scientifically programmed to be as compatible with my tastes as humanly possible. The first trailer comes complete with bizarre gadgetry, a metric ton of bloody violence, and some of the corniest special effects I’ve seen all month. Of course, all of this is meant is the most complimentary way possible, as I’m an unabashed follower of all things cheesy and Japanese.

If I had a synopsis to post, I’d be more than happy to share it with you. Alas, there’s nothing to be found anywhere online, so you’ll have to draw your own conclusions from the pair of trailers below. The first is the extended 3-minute preview, while the other is a quick, brutal assault on your tender senses. It’s great stuff, but only if you’re into this sort of thing.

“RoboGeisha” will attempt to pleasure Japanese movie-goers on October 3rd.