RocknRolla Trailer is RocknFamiliar

Here’s your first look at Guy Ritchie’s stab at making a comeback — first trailer for his new British gangster movie “RocknRolla”. Ritchie seems to have learned his lesson with his two previous bombs — avoid putting his wife in his movies, and avoid existential crap only his most loyal fans will “get” and thus flood the Internet to defend (like they did here). In lieu of those two things, he added more snappy dialogue, more low-rent gangsters, and a clueless American or two. Nope, it doesn’t look like “Snatch” or “Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” at all. Not one bit.

London’s criminal underworld takes notice of a Russian mobster’s shady land deal, a scam that puts millions of dollars up for grabs.

The film stars Gerard Butler, Gemma Arterton, Jeremy Piven, Thandie Newton, Tom Wilkinson, Jamie Campbell Bower, and Idris Elba.

Empire Online’s got your first look at the trailer here.

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RocknRolla Movie