Rodriguez Does Damage Control on Machete, Announces Fire and Ice Remake

Remember that “Arizona” trailer for Robert Rodriguez’s “Machete”? Well according to Rodriguez himself (speaking to AICN), it was another fake trailer, and definitely doesn’t represent the movie as a whole. In fact, he seems to indicate that it was just a goof to cash in on the whole Arizona hullabaloo, and that an actual, real trailer is forthcoming. Explains Rodriguez:

In fact the main villain and Machete’s nemesis is a Mexican drug lord from a powerful cartel (played by Steven Seagal) that kills Machete’s family and runs him out of Mexico for being an honest cop, which is why Machete’s forced to work as a day laborer in the US.

Seagal’s character follows him to the US to kill him off when Machete starts messing up the assassination attempt that Seagal’s character funded. Seagal was so awesome we kept expanding his role on the set. The Big Final battle is Machete vs. Seagal and it’s amazing. A side storyline about politicians and extremist vigilante characters that you see in the trailer are not taking a stand for reasons you would think, and the movie clearly shows corruption on both sides of the border. Over the years I’ve spent a lot of time on the border, being 4th generation Mexican-American gives you a unique view of both sides.

Translation: Yeah, Fox wasn’t very happy that I just pissed off half of the country/American moviegoing population. My bad.

Meanwhile, in other, more substantial news, Rodriguez announces that he’s acquired remake rights to Ralph Bakshi’s 1983 animated movie “Fire and Ice”, and will be remaking it as a live-action film very soon.

I’ve never seen “Fire and Ice”, though the film’s Frank Franzetta poster definitely stands out in my mind. Here’s a trailer to the 1983 original: