Rodriguez Wants Rose for Barbella, Universal Not so Much

In case you haven’t heard, Austin director Robert Rodriguez (“Grindhouse”, the “Spy Kids” movies) was supposed to helm the updated remake of the Jane Fonda sci-fi camper “Barbarella”, and last we heard, the film was being fast-tracked for a 2008 (pre-strike) production. Not so fast, apparently. According to an unnamed source who spoke to The New York Observor, Rodriguez’s insistence on casting Rose McGowan, his new fiance as Barbarella has made Universal Studios drop the picture. They don’t believe Rose can carry the movie, but Rodriguez claims it’s all a misunderstanding, and that the sticking point is really the budget. Rodriguez wants more, Universal wants less.


“It’s sort of embarrassing for everyone involved,” the source said. “No one thinks Rose can carry the movie, but Robert won’t listen.

Mr. Rodriguez denied this, claiming the issue was simply one of budget. “Universal had initially signed on for $60 million,” he told the Transom, “but then when we were done with the script it wound up at closer to $82 million, and they had just financed a Will Ferrell movie that was a $130 million and they even cut that down to $100.”

He said Universal would still be happy to fund the picture for $60 million, but that he was shopping it around to other studios in the hopes of getting more money. Mr. Rodriguez is known for his ability to make movies cheaply, but believes it will be difficult with Barbarella since much of the film takes place in outer space, and “we don’t want the movie to look like the original,” he said.

Whose telling the truth? Who cares? Was anyone really holding their breaths for a “Barbarella” remake?

Rodriguez Wants Rose for Barbella