Roger Avary and Christophe Gans Off Silent Hill 2?

I think Roger Avary and Christophe Gans don’t quite understand how Hollywood works. See, when you’re Sam Raimi, the studio will do everything it can to bring you back onboard “Spider-Man”, but when you’re Christophe Gans and Roger Avary, the studio could really care less if you came back to do the sequel to your modest hit “Silent Hill” movie. The important phrase there is modest hit. As such, the studio is as inclined to throw two monkeys to write and direct the sequel as it will go out of its way to get Avary and Gans to come back to write and direct the sequel. This isn’t an indication of Avary and Gans’ talents, it’s just how Hollywood works. They go by the numbers, and the numbers for the first “Silent Hill” tells them that the original writer and director are of no real importance, that it is the name that sells the tickets.

Having said that, here’s a story from IGN about Gans and Avary skipping “Silent Hill 2”:

Back in December, Gans told the French magazine DVDrama that the sequel had been ordered by Sony, and that he and Avery, who worked closely together on the first film, would be doing the second as well. However, Gans has another game-to-movie adaptation in the works “” Onimusha “” and he suggested at the time that if things got too busy for him, another director would have to take on the Silent sequel.

“If I cannot take on Silent Hill 2 myself, the director who does would need to continue in the same style as the first film,” Gans had told the magazine. “One does not want to make a Hollywood-style movie, and I think that it makes sense if the director of the sequel is European “” in the best case scenario, French.”

Oh, Christophe, you so don’t “get” Hollywood.

And apparently neither does Avary, who chimes in:

“I’m not gonna do Silent Hill 2. If Christophe’s not gonna do it, I’m not.”

Seriously, how long have this two been working in Hollywood again…?

Roger Avary and Christophe Gans Off Silent Hill 2