Rogue’s Gallery Packs on the Bad-Ass Ass Kickers

Okay, so maybe only Maggie Q. and Ving Rhames are really known for kicking ass with any measure of believability in their movies, but you try coming up with a cooler sounding title. Besides Q. and Rhames, the new action-comedy “Rogues’ Gallery”, which started shooting around Los Angeles last week although no one bothered to tell me until now (what is up with that, guys?), will also co-star Ellen Barkin, Rob Corddry, Bob Odenkirk, Jeffrey Tambor, Joe Anderson, Odette Yustman, Adam Scott and Emilie de Ravin. ,

THR has your plot:

“Rogue’s Gallery” details the battle that ensues among groups of government spy teams in an underground facility after their boss is assassinated. The movie began shooting in and around downtown Los Angeles last week.

Last year’s “Deception” really didn’t do much for Maggie Q.’s career, so hopefully this one will help. It should be more in her corner — ass kicking hot chick. Then again, they could pull a fast one and make her a mousy secretary or something, which would, well, kind of suck.

Frenchman Fouad Mikati directs from an original script by Brian Watanabe and Abe Levy. Yes, an original script. Not a remake or based on a comic book or anything. Gosh, I didn’t know Hollywood still made movies based on original scripts…

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