Roland Emmerich to Direct White House Down

Roland EmmerichRoland Emmerich just have issues with the White House. Dude has blown up the American President’s residence at least twice in his movies — by alien ray in “Independence Day” and again by an ocean in “2012”. Now he’s going to set paramilitary terrorists on it and, one presumes, trash it in the process.

Emmerich is in talks to direct and produce “White House Down” for Sony Pictures. “White House Down” is another one of those “Die Hard in a …” movie, this one an action spec script that recently fetched writer James Vanderbilt a cool $3 million at market. Yeah, I had no idea Hollywood still paid $3 million for spec scripts, either.

In the film, a paramilitary takes over the White House. Is not to be mistaken with the similarly themed “Olympus Has Fallen”, which will star Gerard Butler as a former Secret Service agent who becomes the only person who can stop … terrorists from taking over the White House.

Yes, folks, we have us another “Killer Meteorite” movie race — or, more recently, “Snow White” movie race. In one corner, you have a movie star attached to a movie; and in the other corner, you have a director attached. Which one will get to the big screen first? Place your bets, folks, place your bets now!

The White House

Via : Deadline