Romero Goes to Zombie Island?

You gotta feel for George Romero. Or at least, I do. The guy basically invented the zombie genre, only to watch other people get all the glory when the genre burst back onto the scene almost two decades after his last zombie movie, “Day of the Dead” in 1985. Someone got smart and brought the master back for his own big-budget zombie movie (“Land of the Dead”), but it didn’t do so well, and was, for my money, a mess of a flick. Romero still hasn’t been able to escape the living dead, and after last year’s “Diary of the Dead”, he now has a new movie about zombies … on an island. This, I believe, was originally thought to be a sequel to “Diary of the Dead”, but is apparently not. Maybe.

Shock Til You Drop says this about the movie:

Contrary to early reports out of the American Film Market in 2007, Romero is not embarking on a direct follow-up to Diary of the Dead. Instead, we have discovered, as has B-D, the zombie maestro is concocting an all-new undead story.

Sources tell us this one is set on an island.

Romero is currently in pre-production and shooting is expected to begin soon in Canada.

Meanwhile, Bloody-Disgusting adds:

Schlock Around the Clock reports it will be a quasi-sequel, Movieset reports there will be underwater zombies, while STYD adds that it will take place on an island! Exciting! We learned of some very interesting info this morning that we’ve been trying to confirm for about a week now. What we have confirmed is that George A. Romero is currently in Toronto, Ontario shooting a new zombie movie, only it’s NOT a sequel to DIARY OF THE DEAD like originally announced. No word yet on what exactly it is, but we’re doing some more digging in hopes of finding out more. Something we did discover is that Alan Van Sprang is starring in the film, which reunites him with Romero for the third time (Land of the Dead, Diary of the Dead).

I like Romero, and I will probably end up seeing “Diary of the Dead” one of these days. (I couldn’t tell you why I haven’t taken a shot at it; I mean, it’s just sitting there on my shelf!) But boy oh boy, it sure feels like Romero has beaten this horse to death, and his inability to move away from the genre is getting a little sad. Then again, I haven’t seen “Diary”, so I don’t know if he still has the chops for the genre…

Below: George Romero tries to convince his crew that he’s not a zombie; he’s just really old and tired.