Romero’s Survival of the Dead Gets Release Date

For a while there it didn’t seem like George Romero’s ridiculously titled “Survival of the Dead” would ever see the light of day, or if it did, it would be doing so on DVD shelves everywhere. Thanks to the folks at Magnolia Pictures, though, you can expect to see “Dead” in theaters May 28, 2010, or if you’re really anxious, catch it when it lands on Video-on-Demand a full month earlier on April 30, 2010. Releasing a film on VOD months before its theatrical release date used to be an anomaly, but it’s become pretty routine in recent years.

In Romero’s latest “Dead” entry, survivors of a zombie plague find themselves on an island where the inhabitants are trying to co-exist with their dead relatives. Obviously, things go awry pretty fast.

Here’s the unofficial trailer for “Survival of the Dead” in case you missed it: