Ron Howard is Next Up at Bat to Adapt Stephen King’s The Dark Tower

J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot and the boys of “Lost” gave it a shot, but in the end discovered they couldn’t do it, so they’ve given the rights for Stephen King’s “The Dark Tower” series back to the horror writer. And that’s the opening the boys at Imagine Entertainment needed, with Ron Howard, Brian Grazer and Akiva Goldsman now approaching King about grabbing the rights to the property and turning it into a movie before expanding the franchise onto TV land as an ongoing series.

The idea is for Goldsman to write the script and Howard to direct, with the film released through Universal. There are no deals in place for the Imagine buckaroos to take over yet, but if King really wants to get this thing made into a movie (or two, or possibly three ala “The Lord of the Rings” franchise), he’ll sign on because Howard could definitely get this thing made with an excellent budget, something it’d need to fully adapt the vast stories King has laid out.

“The Dark Tower” follows Roland, a mythical gunslinger who pursues The Man in Black through a fantasy wasteland toward the titular Dark Tower. There have been seven novels, one short story, and a comic book series from Marvel Comics so far. Unlike a lot of King’s other works, “The Dark Tower” actually features appearances by other characters from King’s other stories, and was originally envisioned by King back when he was a teen lad as his “King-ish” take on the spaghetti Westerns.