Ron Howard To Direct Vince Vaughn?

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Variety is reporting that Ron Howard, lately of  the fairly heavy drama of “Da Vinci Code” and “Angels and Demons” is about to direct Vince Vaughn, notorious for recent works like “Couples Retreat”, “Four Christmases” and “Fred Claus” in a movie about cheating and cheaters and the carnage it inflicts on friendships and relationships.

This is a very strange pairing. I can only imagine, considering the kind of film that Ron is typically offered that he would only do a movie of this kind if the script was rock solid. If the script is good, why Vince? I mean, no offence to Vince but he has his genre and he’s decent at it but with Ron Howard directing it seems like overkill. Hollywood is a mysterious world.

Author: endymion

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