Ron Howard’s The Dark Tower May Have Hit a Snag. Or Not.


Ron Howard’s uber ambitious movie trilogy and TV series based on the Stephen King “Dark Tower” series may have hit a slight bump on the road towards realization. And as you may have guessed, it has everything to do with the budget.

Variety reports that Universal is trying “to decide whether to put the project into turnaround, whereby producer Imagine Entertainment could shop it to another studio, either to partner with Universal or take over entirely.”

As of right now, the studio is still committed to making the series — maybe. Everything is apparently still moving as planned, but the studio brass is expected to meet up in the “coming days” to make a final decision one way or another.

The original plan was for Ron Howard to direct at least the first movie (in a trilogy), with Javier Bardem starring as the mysterious gunfighter, Roland Deschain. The first movie would be “bridged by a pair of TV series” with the next two.

I have no idea how that would work, unless they’re talking about making one movie, then continue on with a TV series, end the series, make the second movie, then make another TV series, end that series, then finish the whole shebang off with a third movie. I suppose that could work, though it might get a tad confusing at times. What happens if you DON’T watch the TV shows?

Author: Nix

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  • Dedpool

    AGain I think the movies should follow the books, and the tv series should follow the comics.

    • Anonymous

      That would be nice but their is seven books and only three movies? Even with the television series in between you still only can cover 5 books! So unless their going to do the traditional Hollywood hack and slash treatment, they may need to rethink their strategy.

      • Dedpool

        True, but maybe like with LOTR and Harry Potter someone will see the dollar signs and decide otherwise.

        Sent on the go.

  • Dubs

    It needs 6 or more movies, it would make a great “grown man’s Harry Potter”

    It’s a Great series of books a masterpiece but not everything in the books would translate well to the big screen if you ask me. And please leave out the comics all together. The first 2 books could be condensed into one 3 hour movie easily a lot of the thoughts the characters have can’t be translated to the screen anyways so that leaves out a lot of text especially in the second book with the new characters being introduced and such, the first book is pretty short, to short for a big movie if you ask me and a lot of the set pieces would be to expensive for tv anyways it’s not a talky series like game of thrones it seems impossible to do it right on a tv budget. This needs to be rated R.