Ronin: The TV Series in the Works

John Frankenheimer’s 1998 espionage thriller “Ronin” is probably my favorite action movie that no one has ever heard of. Or at least, I’ve never met anyone who has heard of it. Whenever I mention the title to someone, all I get is a blank look. Which is odd, as the movie had a pretty big budget, was released by a major Hollywood studio back in 1998, and starred Robert friggin DeNiro. But nope, just blank looks. Anyways, apparently I’m not the only person to think “Ronin” was a great action movie, because MGM is now considering turning the flick into a TV series.

Joblo says:

MGM is working on bringing the car chases and gunfights to the small screen. The show (being co-produced by the BBC) will be “reconfigured” from the movie, but will presumably still involve various freelance operatives searching for work in the wake of their official country service. The plan is to seek an American lead and shoot the series in Europe.

This isn’t the first time a RONIN show has been attempted — way back in 2002, the FX network planned a series to be produced and developed by J.D. Zeik, who wrote the original film. Maybe they couldn’t decide what was in the case, so they just vaulted it.

Go figure, I didn’t even know they had tried to do a TV series back in 2002. I don’t know why a Ronin TV show wouldn’t work. The premise: a bunch of former spies band together to work for a mysterious client. Or maybe, a bunch of former spies band together to put their skills to work helping the little guy in some unnamed city. Why even shoot it in Europe? Just do it in an American city and save money. I’d watch it.

Below: That’s a mighty big gun you got there, Mister DeNiro.