Rooney Mara Says No to Oldboy Remake

You can count Rooney Mara out of the “Oldboy” remake by Spike Lee.

Previously rumored to have been the frontrunner to take the female lead in the American version of Park Chan-Wook’s revenge thriller, the actress, who will next be seen in her major breakthrough role, David Fincher’s “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” remake, has officially passed on the role, reports Variety’s Justin Kroll via Twitter.

That means she won’t be starring opposite Josh Brolin, who has been attached to the male lead for some time. I guess one remake of a major International hit film was enough for Mara. Good for her.

In “Oldboy” (I still expect them to change the title sooner or later), Brolin would play a man who is held captive for 15 years by mysterious villains. He is finally released, after which he goes on a revenge spree with the help of a spunky young female chef (the role Rooney turned down). Much bloodletting and hammers hitting heads ensue.

Christian Bale was rumored to have been up for the role of the main bad guy, a major coup if Lee and Magnate Pictures do land him.

Rooney Mara