Rosamund Pike is the New Andromeda in Clash of the Titans Sequel

Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. have found their replacement for Andromeda in their upcoming “Wrath of the Titans”, the tentative title to the “Clash of the Titans” sequel. The always classy looking British lass Rosamund Pike has landed the gig, replacing Alexa Davalos (left), who played the role in the first movie.

Pike (below) has been rumored as being up for a number of high-profile Hollywood projects in recent years, everything from “X-Men First Class” to the upcoming “Superman” reboot, but the sequel to “Clash” is officially hers.

“Battle: Los Angeles” director Jonathan Liebesman takes over directing duties on “Wrath” for Louis Letterier, with Sam Worthington and Gemma Arterton expected back as God-slaying hero Perseus and his half-God, half-mortal GF Io.

(FYI: Davalos’ Andromeda was supposed to be the first movie’s major love interest, but her role was heavily edited down to make Io the female lead instead. Which, basically, sorta left Andromeda walking around and then getting tied up near the end, which really made no sense, but then again, which part of “Clash of the Titans” remake made any real sense? But I digress.)