Rosamund Pike Lands One Shot with Tom Cruise

Yesterday we reported that three lovely ladies were vying to play Tom Cruise’s love interest in “One Shot”, his adaptation of Lee Child’s rough and tumble Jack Reacher character, and today brings news that Rosamund Pike has come out ahead of Alexa Davalos (who Pike also replaced in “Clash of the Titans 2”, natch) and “Captain America’s” Hayley Atwell, and is currently in negotiations for the role.

In the film, to be shot in Pittsburgh later this year, Pike would play Helen Rodin, a young and idealistic defense attorney who must go up against her father, the city’s powerful district attorney, to defend her client, a former military sniper accused of gunning down innocent people in a shooting spree. The sniper claims he’s being set up, and sends for the one man who can clear him — Jack Reacher, a laconic former military MP who wanders the U.S. kicking ass and not bothering to take names. Reacher discovers that there are other powerful forces at work, and teams up with Rodin to uncover the truth.

Of all the Lee Child Jack Reacher novels Cruise and company could have chosen to adapt, “One Shot” is an odd title to begin the franchise with. It’s mostly a detective thriller with a bloody finale, and I could think of at least a half dozen other titles that would have been better suited to launch a franchise.

In any case, Christopher McQuarrie of “The Usual Suspects” and “Way of the Gun” fame is writing and directing.