Rosario Dawson’s Occult Crimes Taskforce Lands at A&E

Occult Crimes Taskforce Comic Book CoverHey, it worked for “The Walking Dead”. Why not a TV series based on a comic book about paranormal cops? One that was co-created by Rosario Dawson, who will probably end up staring, no less.

That seems to be the idea behind A&E’s latest venture, “O.C.T: Occult Crimes Taskforce”, which would adapt the comic book mini-series by Dawson and David Atchison, that Dawson is bringing to the cable net with veteran genre producer Gale Anne Hurd. Hurd is one of the producers on “The Walking Dead”, so yeah, getting her onboard is one way to get your project noticed.

O.C.T. will center on the character of Sophia Ortiz, a new member of the bureau who uses magic, spells, ghosts, the undead and the unnatural. At the heart of the story is an ongoing struggle between the O.C.T. detectives and an organized demon-force attempting to take over Manhattan.

A&E currently has a couple of scripted shows on their slate, including “Breakout Kings” and “The Glades”, and they’re set to add the Katee Sackhoff/Cassidy Freeman show “Longmire” later this year.

The idea is likely to have Dawson produce and star in the show. Not such a big shock, as the character Sophia Ortiz is basically modeled after her. I mean, have you seen the covers for those comic books? Plus, it’ll be nice to see Dawson on the small screen on a weekly basis. She sure ain’t bad to look at, that’s for sure.

Rosario Dawson

Via : THR