Rose Byrne is Moira MacTaggert in X-Men: First Class

So does this mean my fantasy of seeing Rosamund Pike in tight, form-fitting spandex fighting evil mutants has just gone out the window? Quite possibly, because the latest word on Matthew Vaughn’s “X-Men: First Class” is that Rose Byrne is in negotiations to land the role of Moira MacTaggert, a scientist and expert on mutants and Professor X’s love interest in comic book canon.

Rose Byrne has been in everything from “Troy” to “Sunshine” to “Knowing”, and more recently has been splitting her time between the movies and cable TV on the FX Network’s critically acclaimed “Damages” TV show. In “First Class”, she’ll be acting mostly alongside James McAvoy, who is playing a younger version of Patrick Stewart’s Professor X. Olivia Williams last played the character in Brett Rather’s “X-Men: Last Stand”, a film that Vaughn nearly ended up directing.

Besides McAvoy and now Byrne, the cast of “First Class” includes Michael Fassbender as a young Magneto, Alice Eve as the White Queen, and Kevin Bacon as the film’s mysterious, as-yet unidentified heavy. Jason Flemyng was also recently cast as Nightcrawler’s dad.

Shooting on the big-budget Fox comic book movie is set to go before the cameras later this month in London.