Rose McGowan is … Barbarella?

For some reason, Rose McGowan is in hot demand. I’m not sure why, though. She’s a mildly decent actress who has been more famous for wearing a see-through dress to an MTV awards show and dating androgynous freak rocker Marilyn Manson than for her roles. But apparently even a leading role in a box office disaster like the recent “Grind House” is enough to get you back into the spotlight, as here comes the latest casting rumors: Rose McGowan as Barbarella in the recent remake of the movie of the same name to be written and directed by Robert Rodriguez, who directed McGowan in said “Grind House”. Apparently the rumor was given birth by the fact that Rodriguez is currently using McGowan as a test “model” for the movie.

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According to a JoBlo scooper we’ll call ‘Zeiss’, there may be some truth to that. It seems that Rodriguez and his Troublemaker Studios are gearing up for production, and have already done some FX test footage, with McGowan standing in as the titular intergalactic vixen.

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean McGowan is locked for the part — she could have just been conveniently available for Rodriguez to use as his “model”. Or perhaps he’ll use the footage as a convincer for Universal and producer Dino De Laurentiis to cast someone of McGowan’s relatively low star wattage in such a major film role.

Yah, I agree. No way McGowan is going to get the role.

Kate Beckinsale? Now I can get behind that casting rumor…

Rose McGowan is ... Barbarella?